Due to the unique nature of the DSC Group, SurveyingNZ
is able to provide services not offered by other companies.

Up till now, weathertightness has been our core focus but we have expended far beyond this. If it has anything to do with buildings and compliance then we are able to assist you.

The unique services of SurveyingNZ

Asset Management
Buildings assessed to determine if immediate remediation is required. Further reports provided outlining future work needed, establishing maintenance schedules and life cycles of building elements. This can then form part of an asset management programme. It may also provide the basis of an elemental cost analysis.

Due Diligence
Building survey reports provide reassurance in the purchase and liquidation of assets. This allows the realisation of opportunities and property values. It also provides information to assist in property negotiations and may identify compliance issues that may undermine future property sales and / or be a source of future disputes. This identification and appropriate resolutions provide cost effective remediation and avoid potential escalation of damge and costs.

Insurance Assessment
Assist with understanding the extent and cause of the property damage. Provide a report with a reinstatement scope.

Building Pathology
The ability to identify building defects, including poor or non-complying repairs. We can also provide a repair strategy and schedule.

Weathertight inspections
Identify defects and damage, appropriate review of all documentation and provide a remediation strategy. Analysis of timbers to identify potential decay as well as any preservatives used.

Structural Assessment
Our in-house structural engineer can provide a full structural assessment, structural detailing, specification, and appropriate producer statements.

Hazardous Materials
Detailed survey including the collection of samples for analysis through specialist laboratories to identify the hazards.





Dispute Resolution
We can represent your company as an independent expert to assist in the technical issues.

Our experienced architectural designers and administration assist in the entire process. From design brief, construction details, overseeing the tendering process, to resource consent and building consent application.

Onsite Monitoring
Monitoring the contract administration. Checking that construction conforms with the resource and building consent requirements. Ensuring that all stages are completed to a satisfactory standard of workmanship. Monitoring and reporting of construction schedule. Ensuring documentation is ready for certificate of completion.

International Companies
We can assist international companies trying to bring their building products into the market by:
› Outlining the process required for new products to meet NZ compliance requirements
› Assisting in the gathering of data & product information required for the Codemark / BRANZ appraisal procedure
› Assisting your company in navigating the New Zealand Building Code as it is applied by the NZ Customs, Ministry of Building, Innovation & Employment, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
› Experienced architectural designers and building surveyors are able to determine the construction details you need to meet your product assurance and appraisal requirements. These details can be provided in various formats to aid you in launching to the New Zealand Market and will be appropriate to supply to specifiers, designers, and contractors.